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Speaker Vérification

Participation to the NIST SRE 2008 evaluation campaign Based on the Alizé library developped in the Avignon Laboratory (LIA).

Description of a baseline speaker verification system based on GMM for NIST SRE campaigns : Speaker Verification

Speaker recognition and tracking in audiovisual documents

Attention, in this example, the on screen information is limited to Jacques Chancel as he is the main researched speaker.

Automatic dialogue in real and virtual worlds

  • Job interview
  • Distress expression

Involved in several projects

  • InfoM@gic : pôle de compétitivité Iles-de-France Cap-Digital project, SP5
  • K-Space : international project, Excellence Network
  • Myblog3D : ANR project, COST 2102
  • CompanionAble : international project

Participation to a plenary session of the e-forensic 2009 conference.


Gérard Chollet (DR CNRS)